What type of cells does the HIV Virus target?Describe the life cycle of the HIV infection on human cellsWhat does HIV stand for?Name and describe the medicine used to treat HIV todayDescribe in 3 sentences where HIV comes fromDescribe the 3 stages of HIV as identified by the CDC. Use 3-4 sentences when describing each stage.Fill in the blank: People are diagnosed with AIDS when their CD4 cell count drops below  __________List the common symptoms of AIDSWhat is AIDS?Overtime, the HIV virus _______ the amount of CD4 cellsWhat are the roles of CD4 (Helper) T cells?Illustrate the HIV molecule infecting the CD4 cell and describe the infusion in 3 stepsDescribe reverse transcriptase Name the 4 main ways HIV is transmittedCreate a chart describing the different exposure levels of HIV transmission methods as they relate to sex Name the carriers of HIV as they relate to sexName the NON carriers of HIV as they relate to sexWhat are some methods of transmission of HIV into the bloodstreamName all the ways that HIV can be transmitted as it relates to inject drugsDescribe all the Barriers To Prevention and Patient EducationDescribe 6 good ways to prevent HIV transmissionWhy are Blood/organs products generally the lowest risk as all blood products and organs are screened for HIV?Provide an overview of a healthy immune systemDescribe the major components of the HIV life cycleIdentify the various HIV types and subtypes DESCRIBE  the distinction between HIV and AIDSDESCRIBE  the cells and proteins that play a major role in HIV and its progression to AIDSDESCRIBE  the chemical factors that induce pyroptosis in the infected cellDESCRIBE  the process of infection of a healthy cell by an HIV virus DESCRIBE  the animal origin of HIV DESCRIBE  the symptoms if the different stages of HIV Illness DESCRIBE  all of the ways HIV can be transmitted DESCRIBE  the most popular way for HIV to spread in the USDESCRIBE  which HIV transmission method has the highest rate of infection DESCRIBE  all of the carriers to the HIV virus DESCRIBE  the methods to HIV infection prevention DESCRIBE  the barriers to HIV prevention DESCRIBE  which birthing method has lesser risk for HIV infection DESCRIBE  the HAART Treatment for HIV and how it works DESCRIBE  the different types of HIV that cause AIDS DESCRIBE  the steps of the HIV life cycle DESCRIBE  the difference between HIV and AIDSDESCRIBE  the infections that can occur at the 4th stage of HIV infectionDESCRIBE  what HAART stands forHealth ScienceScienceNursing NURSING 978-0-323-

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What type of cells does the HIV Virus target?Describe the li
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