Can you help with a response to this statement with supporting… Can you help with a response to this statement with supporting details?The role and contributions of nurses in healthcare are vast. Nurses work collaboratively and are trained to assess and implement interventions with a scope of practice that overlaps with many other professions (Smith, 2021). In home health, long-term or skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities, mental health treatment centers, and hospitals, nurses have the pleasure of being the eyes and ears for physicians, the voices and care providers for the patients, and the liaison for all departments (respiratory, lab, physical therapy, etc.) (Smith, 2021). Nurses are the hands of comfort during chemotherapy or the loss of a family member, the ear of support and compassion after surgery or a terminal diagnosis, advocate for fair treatment in low economic or limited resourced communities, educator of patients and families, and social worker to some degree (finding resources and making referrals if needed) (Smith, 2021). They provide words of encouragement or a nun-judgmental ear, they allow a patient to grieve and validate their feelings, all why attending to the patients medical needs (Smith 2021). Nurses add a human, caring and empathetic touch to health care, even with the advancements in technology and best practice.Smith, Yolanda. (January 21, 2021). Roles of a Nurse. Retrieved from ScienceScienceNursing NURSING NU280/NUR2

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Can you help with a response to this statement with supporti
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