CASE STUDY G.B. is a 16 – year old male who enters the urgent care… CASE STUDYG.B. is a 16 – year old male who enters the urgent care with his mother. G.B. is pale and looks anxious, with tears in his eyes. His mother is very agitated and demands her son be seen immediately by a doctor. As the EMT at the front desk begins to assess G.B., his mother starts to yell and pound on the desk to be seen NOW! G.B. is visibly upset and unable to answer the triage questions.The office manager escorts the mother to her office while the EMT calms G.B. and finishes the interview. G.B. explains this is the 4th time he has come to the Urgent Care to be seen. His mother is concerned since he does not eat as much as his friends and family want him to. G.B. says “I am not hungry, I am fine. My grades are good, I am captain of the wrestling team, and I am really fine. I just need to keep by weight down to stay in my weight bracket for wrestling.” Each time G.B. has been seen/discharged from the urgent care center a referral to an eating disorder clinic has been made but G.B. has talked his mother out of going by bargaining he will do better with his eating.Today, G.B. passed out in the hall between classes. The school nurse called G.B.’s mother and expressed concern that G.B. is extremely underweight, and appears dehydrated, and G.B. does not appear to see the risks and dangers of not eating enough foods and fluids for a growing young man. G.B.’s mother had to leave an important work meeting to bring G.B. to the urgent care centerG.B.’s initial assessment finds his vitals 97.8 F, HR: 62, Resp: 12, B/P: 86/60. He is 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 95lbs/43.09 kg. He is pale and has pale and dry mucus membranes. His skin is cool and there is fine lanugo on his shoulders and upper arms. G.B. states he is chronically constipated. G.B. states he passed out because, “the hall was so hot with everyone switching classes and I skipped lunch to go met up with some friends.”G.B. is to be a direct admit to the adolescent unit at the local hospital across the street from the urgent care center.What are the Priority Assessment or Cues?Health ScienceScienceNursing NMNC 2410

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CASE STUDY G.B. is a 16 – year old male who enters the urgen
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