Discussion 7.1 – Conflict ManagementThe conflicts in our facility is mostly resulted from staff shortages leading to increased workloads and extended shifts. If I must pick one situation, there is ongoing delegation tasks, hand- off tasks between day shift and night shift. For instance, wound dressing changeNight shift admittingly can do it just that Nurses feel that they get dumped on with these tasks and the are scheduled daily Which common factor of conflict did your conflict refer to from the list? Discuss how you resolved the conflict? Could you have used any of the techniques? Common Causes of Conflict are-Quality of Care- If the Nurses are not providing proper care to the patient as promised by the Hospital.Treatment Decisions- The conflict arise in this situation if the treatment offered by the doctor/ nurse is not wanted by the patient or his FamilyStaff insufficiency – If the staff Is Less and doesn’t meet the demands of the patient then it can lead to ConflictCommunication Conflict- If there is Lack of Communication between the Staff members and Patients Family it can lead to ConflictWays to Resolve Conflicts-Deal with Issues not ResponsibilitesSort out the issues- The Staff members and Patients Family should equally take step towards solving the issuesListen carefully – Both the parties i.e Nurse and Patient should listen each other problems carefully to sort out the issuesIdentify resolution option- They should be able to see the problem and easily Take Step Steps forward to solve that as early as possible.Communicate openly- Both The parties should come out with. Their Issues pertaining to the other one so it can Help Sorting out issuesIdentify key themes in discussion – main focus should the problem and The resolution of itAvoid Placing blame – Blaming each other Wastes time and Make other in anger in short Worsening the Situation.Key Behaviours for a nurse to Handle Difficult Patients Are-1. Humanistic behaviour towards Patient.2. Provide faith and Hope3. Positive Interdependence among the nursing staff4. Helping-trusting other Nurses Staff5. Expressing positive and negative feelings to other Nurses6. Creative problem-solving caring process7. Supportive, protective, and/or corrective mental, physical, societal and spiritual environment8. Involvement in Meditation Techniques to relieve their MindTechniques recommended to Deal with The “Sherman Tanks” are-Don’t run From the SituationStand up Yourself and take your stand . Defend YourselfSeek Support of Others When neededGive little time to run down and Express what they might be ranting aboutDon’t get Rude rather Explain Your Words ProperlyDon’t argue with them or Try to Cut themIf possible, try to make them Sit down and Be Sure to Make Eye Contact with them while you are assertively starting your Opinions and PerceptionsHealth ScienceScienceNursing NUR 261

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