G.M., a 52 year old married white man, arrives at the emergency… G.M., a 52 year old married white man, arrives at the emergency department with burns to his face, neck, chest, right arm and hand, and right foot. He was burning brush on his farm when the fire went out of control. He has an 18-gauge IV with NSS running at 100mL/hr, and he is receiving 100% humidified 02 by mask.Subjective DataA) Complains of blurry vision and trouble swallowing B) States his burns are painful and that he is scared C) States e is a “diabetic” and has “high blood pressure” “Physical Examination 1) Is awake, alert, and oriented, but in some distress 2) Eyes are red, irritated 3) Voice is hoarse; nasal hair is singed4) Face is reddened with blisters noted on the nose and forehead.5) Right arm, right hand, chest, neck and right foot have shiny, bright red, wet wounds6) Patient is shivering Questions 1) What are priorities of care in the prehospital environment? How should his airway breathing, and circulation be managed?2) What factors place G. M. at high risk for an inhalation injury? What priority interventions can be anticipated?3) What are the most effective wound care strategies to manage G. M.’s burn wounds?4) what pain medications might be considered to relieve his pain ?5) Which of the criteria for burn center referral does G.M. meet for admission to the hospital burn unit?Health ScienceScienceNursing

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G.M., a 52 year old married white man, arrives at the emerge
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