In this case study i need find what are the code of conductand laws and nursing standards are being breached and Definition and explanation from academic, peer-reviewed health/nursing sources (textbooks and journals) to identify and discuss the ethical principle/concept/professional practice that has been You are on placement with another student at an acute hospital. One day the other student appears to be struggling with some tasks and you ask them if they are ok. They reply that they were playing sport the night before and hurt their leg and back. They have had a back problem for a while, but it usually doesn’t cause a problem. Currently they are unable to undertake many physical aspects of care and are slow to move around the ward and are getting behind on their work which is impacting on the care of patients. The next day they attend placement again and they are clearly worse. You ask them if they should be there, but they reply that they have to get through this placement as they cannot afford to repeat the placement later. They ask you to help cover¬†¬†for them when they cannot complete tasks. You are concerned that they may do further harm to themselves and that their situation may impact on your placement.Health ScienceScienceNursing NUR 222

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In this case study i need find what are the code of conducta
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