Patient Background: Your new patient is David, a 37yr old… Patient Background: Your new patient is David, a 37yr old Aboriginal man with Coronary Heart Disease (CAD) who has just had Coronary Artery Graft (CAGS) surgery. He is a proud Gumbaynggirr man, from the mid-North coast of NSW, and is married with three young children. However, no family members have been able to come and visit him during his hospital stay. David has had very limited engagement with, and experience of, health services, and has never been admitted to hospital before. Everyone he knows that has been admitted to hospital in Sydney has died and never returned to community, which increases his anxiety and sense of isolation.   The Aboriginal Liaison Officer (ALO), who has a busy schedule with patients, has been involved with David’s care since his admission to hospital 10 days ago and checks in with him regularly. Upon discharge, David will be referred to his local Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) in Grafton for rehabilitation services and follow u. He works full time as a primary school teacher and will not be able to drive or return to work for at least 8 weeks. Question: Outline ONE strategy you would implement as a RN to improve health outcomes for David while he is in your care. The strategy should be within the scope of practice for an RN, culturally appropriate, specific and measurable and supported with relevant literature to indicate it is achievable and evidence based. (making a referral to the ALO is not an appropriate strategy here).Health ScienceScienceNursing UTS 92441

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Patient Background: Your new patient is David, a 37yr old…
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