QuestionPart A: progress notePart B: two (2) nursing diagnosisWrite an admission  for one (1) of the patients’ you admitted as part of your observation checklist in Assessment Task 3 using the template provided below. Using information gathered during your admission of one (1) patient identify:two (2) potential nursing diagnosisIn the template provided, list the problem you have identified and suggest two (2) interventions that could be implemented to minimise each problem, including rationales.Rational and interventions should be accompanied with evidence and referenced.Identify any inconsistencies with existing care plans and explain how you managed this.Evaluation: How would you know if your interventions have worked?Your assignment must be supported by in text references from suitable academic sourcesPart C:Document vital signs in the Vital Signs Chart template provided.Use the assessment criteria below to guide you with the assessment HLTENN003 HLTENN004 Assessment Task 4.docHealth ScienceScienceNursing HLTH 5450

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QuestionPart A: progress notePart B: two (2) nursing diagnos
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