Simulation game (interprofessional relationship and collaboration in nursing)link: of this simulation game are:Identify common challenges and behavioural responses that could compromise interprofessional collaborative practice.Analyze the impact of alternative behaviours.Apply behaviours that optimize interprofessional collaborative practice.Watch as your character interacts with the patient, their family members, and the interprofessional healthcare team. select the best course of action to continue. the game may play out differently depending on your choices.What challenge did you encounter while engaging with interprofessional team members during the Simulation Game – Team Works? Were you surprised in the behavioural responses that could compromise the interprofessional collaborative practice of the team? Provide an example from your summary report from the game of one of your responses.Health ScienceScienceNursing NURSING RN 1098

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Simulation game (interprofessional relationship and collabor
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