Tafe Culture assignment question. case study 3, question 1. patient… Tafe Culture assignment question.case study 3, question 1.patient has been discharged this morning who had a minor orthopedic surgery few days ago. you read the notes and note patient has very limited english knowledge. there is no notes around transport home, and next of kin is not answering their phone. as a female liasion officer walks in you decide to ask her for her assistance as you need to know about patients transportation arrangement since patient leaves off the northern coast. Liasion officer May arrives and asks you if every is ok? you reply that you need her help, and ask her to follow you to the patients room. she hesitates saying that she needs to know who is in the other room, but i keep telling her its ok because this is another aboriginal person. The patient sees May and quickly averts his eyes, struggling to turn around on the bed. May also becomes visibly upset and runs out of the room. you follow her and find she is distressed, and says you shouldn’t have done that. she explained she cannot speak with or look at this patient and that she will be in trouble because of that. when you ask why, she just says culture, and that’s all she says.List any potential cultural reasons for May and the patients reaction with reference.Health ScienceScienceNursing CHC DIV002

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Tafe Culture assignment question. case study 3, question 1.
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