The RN to BSN program at Chamberlain University meets the… The RN to BSN program at Chamberlain University meets the requirements for clinical competencies as defined by CCNE and AACN using nontraditional experiences for practicing nurses. These experiences come in the form of direct and indirect care experiences in which licensed nursing students to engage in learning within the context of their hospital organization, their specific care discipline, and their local communities. This activity is intended to foster the demonstration of skills related to leadership and management.   Share your written proposal with your manager, supervisor, or another colleague in a formal leadershipposition within a health care organization. Request their feedback using the following questions as prompts: 1.        Do you believe the proposal would be approved if formally proposed?2.        What are some strengths and weaknesses of the proposal?            Include in-text citations and references.        ReferenceThe Journal of Nursing Administration (2008). Revisiting Nurse Turnover Cost: Adjusting for Inflation. Retrieved from Business Balls.(2020). Four I’s of Transformational Leadership: What is Transformational Leadership? Retrieved from group. (n.d). 7 Things That Cause Nurse Turnover (and 8 Things That Stops It). Retrieved from,to%20hospitals%20and%20patients%20alike%3A&text=The%20national%20average%20RN%20turnover,the%20lower%20their%20mortality%20rate. Health ScienceScienceNursing NRS 451

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The RN to BSN program at Chamberlain University meets the…
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