You will answer and rationalize this by yourself. This willbe recorded as your quiz. One (1) point will be given tothe correct answer and another one (1) poi… Show more… Show moretemporalis C. zygomaticus e. d . buccinator ANSWER RATIO: 6.A muscle group that works with and assists the action of a primemover is a(n): a. antagonist only d. agonist and syne… Show more… Show moreYou will answer and rationalize this byyourself. This will be recorded as yourquiz. One (1) point will be give… Show more… Show moreANSWER: RATIO: 5. Which of the following pertains to actinmyofilaments? a. resemble bundles of minute golf clubs. b. areattached to Z lines at one end. c. form the I band w… Show more… Show moreb. breaks down glucose produces ATP,CO2 and H20 d. takes place inmitochondria located with… Show more… Show moreHealth ScienceScienceNursing NURSING 1000

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You will answer and rationalize this by yourself. This willb
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